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NEW YORK, NY (April 7, 2015) – VH1's new reality series "Swab Stories" debuts Wednesday, April 29th at 9:00 PM ET/PT and seeks to answer the most fundamental question an individual can ask: 'Who am I?' This is where Jared Rosenthal and his assistant, medical technician Ana Lopez, step in – he owns and operates the 'Who's Your Daddy' DNA testing truck. When the clinic on wheels hits the streets, people often gawk, laugh, snap photos, and have even been known to jump out of their cars at traffic lights. The truck sparks reactions wherever it goes, from Manhattan to the Bronx – plus on road trips to New Jersey, Maryland, DC, Chicago, and beyond.


When clients climb aboard, they are often seeking answers to burning questions they have kept buried deep inside of them – sometimes for decades. They reveal the doubts that keep them awake at night, and ask for Jared's help in putting an end to their most personal mysteries. From astonishing stories like "I think I was kidnapped at birth and have found my mother" and "I think the man I'm dating might be my brother," to personal revelations such as "I may have found my sperm donor father," to touching stories like "I think I have a twin sister" there are no limits to the variety of questions people have about their DNA – right in the middle of traffic.


Jared and Ana, known as the "Swabinator," collect their clients' specimens and return to deliver life-changing news – and unlock deeply held family secrets – in a frank, respectful, and compassionate manner, every single day. Come along for the ride when "Swab Stories" premieres on VH1 April 29th, 2015 at 9:00 PM ET/PT.


Be sure to 'like' "Swab Stories" on Facebook and follow @SwabStoriesVH1 on Twitter and use #SwabStories to join the conversation. 


 "Swab Stories" is executive produced by Seanbaker Carter, Joel Olicker, Stephanie Carter, Tug Yourgrau, Jared Rosenthal and Royd Chung for Powderhouse Productions. Susan Levison and Nina L. Diaz serve as executive producers for VH1. 


VH1 Press contacts:

Nyle Washington                                                      Michael Cilnis                        

212-846-5576                                                              310-752-8019









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