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​Ready for blastoff? Take a peek!


NEW YORK, NY (April 1, 2015) – Inspired by mankind's growing desire to colonize the Red Planet, VH1 and Lighthearted Entertainment will team up to produce "SPACE D.A.T.E." (Dating Above The Exosphere), an out-of-this-world reality series that gives single earthlings the opportunity to expand their search for true love to Mars, 140,000,000 miles away*.


Would-be space travelers who apply to be a part of the mission will submit to myriad tests, including an objective evaluation to determine if they are 'hot or not.' VH1, known for its bold series such as Lighthearted Entertainment's "Dating Naked" (Season 2 coming this summer to VH1), will analyze this data to select 20 sexy contestants to enter a Martian 'Love Pod,' where they will complete a number of challenges in the hopes of finding something more stimulating than just evidence of alien life forms in outer space.


But what our interplanetary daters will soon find out is that they have a roommate – B.A.R. – the Bi-curious Androgynous Rover – who is also seeking that 'special someone.' Will robo-human love send shock waves through the Love Pod? As "Space D.A.T.E." heats up, two things are sure to be flowing in the pod – oxygen and drama!


Don't miss a moment! Tune in to "Space D.A.T.E." on VH1 to experience love and heartbreak on Mars – even in the cosmos, some things may just be universal.


"These brave individuals have committed to spending years of their lives on Mars," said Tom Calderone, President, VH1. "We figured that we may as well give them an opportunity to be with someone hot."


VH1 is currently accepting submissions from able-bodied adults who are willing to go the distance for love. Tweet or Instagram @VH1 a picture of yourself with the hashtag #SpaceDATE and you may be chosen for a once-in-a-lifetime chance at Martian romance!


For more information, check out, @VH1 and the VH1 Facebook page.


* The average distance between Earth and Mars, based on each planet's elliptical orbits.​






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