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Nico Tortorella
Nico Tortorella - "Josh"

Actor Nico Tortorella is a renaissance man for the modern day. An actor, podcast host, seeker, and dedicated champion of the LGBTQIA+ community, he's using his voice to help break down stereotypes and educate himself in the process.


Joel Schumacher was the first to identify Nico's natural and raw talent, casting him in two of his films, TWELVE and TRESPASS. He also portrayed the lead role of "Carson" in the independent "fictional documentary" cult film HUNTER & GAME and had a starring role in Stephen Sommers' ODD THOMAS opposite Anton Yelchin, Willem Dafoe and Tim Robbins. He shot the HBO/Mike White pilot MAMMA DALLAS before going on to become a series regular opposite Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy on Fox's hugely successful series THE FOLLOWING. Additional tv credits include MENENDEZ: BLOOD BROTHERS for Lifetime co-starring Courtney Love but he's become best known for his role as Josh on Darren Starr's hit comedy series, YOUNGER, which is garnering its highest ratings yet. Season 5 premieres on TV Land on June 5th.


A longtime lover of theater, Nico sang and tap-danced opposite his YOUNGER co-star Sutton Foster for four of her tour dates with The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in 2016 and made his theater debut in Jordan Jaffe's play CRUDE which earned rave reviews for his portrayal of Jaime, most notably from The New York Times.


Tortorella began his journey with activism when he debuted his podcast THE LOVE BOMB in the Summer of 2016. Comprised of his original spoken word pieces as well as in-depth interviews exploring the all-encompassing topic of love and the labels associated with them. Nico's intimate interviews with personalities from all walks of life found an immediate audience and became a breeding ground for in-depth conversations on topics that ranged from intimacy, humanity, gender, sexuality, intersectionality, love, race, religion, queer identities and identity politics. He opened up about his own path that led him to his decision to become sexually fluid and, as a working actor in Hollywood, everything that came with that admission. Having conducted over

50 interviews over 2 seasons – including a live podcast at Entertainment Weekly's PopFest – the podcast ranked #1 in the "Personal Journals" category in 2017 and sits in the Top 50 iTunes Top 200 with over 3 million downloads.


Adding to his impressive list of credits, Nico will debut all of it is you, a poetry collection exploring a singular voice honed through years as an actor, podcaster and advocate – one colored with love, wonder, and endless curiosity. It's a sensuous journey into who we are and how we relate to the world around us. all of it is you will release on April 17th.


Nico recently married his longtime partner, Bethany Myers, and they reside in NY with their two dogs.